White Sails Promotion (Wilby Residents' Exclusive)

15% off White Sails (SunRise Yacht) only for Wilby Residents
- Capacity of up to 18 pax
- Complimentary 10-round float
- Complimentary use of kayaks, snorkel kits, and fishing rods
- $100 corkage fee waiver
- Additional hour at S$250/hour
- Available add-ons: Food order, BBQ Pit Rental, and Grill Services.
Terms & Conditions
1. Promotion only applicable for SunRise Yacht by White Sails.
2. Quote "Wilby Residences" during booking in order to be eligible for promotion.
3. Proof of stay with Wilby Residences will be required to be sent to White Sails for verification (Invoice/Receipt)
4. Promotion is only valid for the same month as stated on invoice. (E.g. if payment invoice on Wilby states May 2017, the promotion enjoyed at White Sails have to be during May 2017).
5. Reservation of SunRise Yacht through White Sails Reservation Page.

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